Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Busy Week!

Monday-Spent the day doing homework and a started and finished a paper. Oh and I went to class. Started another paper.
Tuesday-Studied for American Heritage test most of the day. From Cumorah's Hill Choral Fireside (I was in it).
Wednesday-Finished my other paper. Studied for American Heritage test. Missionary Fireside.
Thursday-Took American Heritage Midterm. Owned it! Yes!
Friday- Homework. Another Midterm. Went out for dinner (to relax)

So those are just the highlights from the craziness of this week. I am just thankful it is over. I have a one day break (ish) and then it starts over again. I can't believe it is already mid-March!?

While I had a busy week, it wasn't anything compared to my sister's. Congrats Joy! Thanks for making me an Uncle again. It is one of my favorite titles!