Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Pictures from the Weekend

Conference Weekend

So I was lucky enough to be invited home by my roommates this weekend for Conference. (Good thing too because I would have been home alone if they didn't invite me) I went home with my roommate, Nate, on Friday night to stay with his family. Mark, another one of my roommates came too. I have loved being in a family environment with younger kids running around. They say the funniest things. Plus, getting some home-style cooking is great too! Better than that Pasta Roni junk. (I actually kind of like it though)

I watched Conference at the house for both Saturday sessions (which were AMAZING) and then went to Priesthood with Nate's dad and brothers and all the rest of the boys. Afterward, we went out to dinner at a hamburger place (gotta keep the tradition alive right?). Nate's dad, being the nice man that he is took us out for gelado (is that how it is spelled?) afterward. It was extremely tasty.

In the morning, I woke up to watch the first session and then three of the guys (Carson, Terrance, and I) went up to Salt Lake to see the last session in the Conference Center. I know, lucky me! Being in Utah has its benefits...

Following the session, I saw the stereotypical Mormon network come alive. I saw David McClure, Kyle Bluth, Elicia Blue and two of her cousins, and we ran into an entire apartment of girls we know back at BYU. It never ceases to amaze me how I can run into people so far away from home. The church does really bring us together ;)

All in all, it was really a great weekend and I feel so relaxed and ready to finish up school. Now I am going to have to catch up on all the work i DIDN'T do this weekend. Oh well.